Sunday, November 24, 2013

Out With A Legend

Saturday I was fortunate to have the opportunity to spend the day riding along with Ben Hardaway during the opening day of the Mooreland Hunt. I had come by his book, "Never Outfoxed" several years back and had read bits and pieces over time but after spending time with him personally I started today going over it all again and what a difference it means to me now. After the "Blessing of the Hounds" we loaded up and followed the Hounds and the field along on quite a cold, windy, damp Alabama day. Because Mr. Hardaway is 94 years young we accompanied the field in the warmth of a four wheel drive which I will forever be thankful about for I was to listen to many stories of hounds and hunts strait from the lips of a man that I now know personally. We talked Fox Hounds at first and covered the beginnings of his Lurcher Breeding days as well as an hour or so about his Cat Hounds. He ranged from his childhood to the present and you could tell he just outright loved hounds and hunting them not to mention talking about them. I have to say he fired me up even more about the pack I am raising now as we told each other a few Hog hunting tales. He was soft spoken and ever the gentleman as he presented his personal reflections of life, good and bad times and that bottomless wealth of dog knowledge. He made me to feel I had become a friend inviting me to come visit and hunt with him. I had one of the best days of my life in a long time and owe it all to some great friends who thought so much of me as to arrange this special meeting. Benjamin Hardaway is one of those men that you would hate to miss meeting, and because of Liz and Evie I don't have to say, "I hate I missed him". 
Thank you Gals for sharing him with me, I owe you!


  1. Love the new site! Hope you had a great holiday Hunt em up!!

  2. Finally got around to checking out the new site! FANTASTIC!!! And I read "Never Outfoxed" YEARS ago--I didn't imagine Mister Hardaway was still with us--thrilled that he is! And his last name is one of those things that makes one believe some things are just meant-to-be! I have a question though--what are his "cat hounds"? Are they for bobcats? Feral cats? Or is there a secret cougar transplantation program in the South I'd love to hear about?...L.B.

  3. Yes, he hunted Bobcat, said it took a special dog for the Cats!

  4. Nice.. I remember reading about Ben Hardaway in one of Dutch Salmons books.